Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Why Use A Interior Designer?

 As I see it, generally  interior designers do not give advise on how to sew a drapery,  curtain,  valance, or  roman shade.   However, you are wise to use the services of a designer even if you plan to make your own window treatments and accessories.
 Many residential designers understand the concept of "home owners doing it themselves" because in essence interior designers are  "do-it-yourselvers" and  are quite often self employed.
 Designers are skilled  and have expertise in choosing custom draperies, drapery rods,  fabrics,  and blending  and choosing the perfect colors.    They are problem solvers  and can be a real  asset to your home decorating project.
Interior designers have access to a great deal of resources such as fabrics, furniture, drapery workrooms, contractors, decorating accessories  and furnishings that are  generally not available to the public.

Designers and space
Designers are skilled and  have the expertise in the arrangement of furniture and accessories and can give great ideas on ways to save space in the home.  They will also know just when to add  texture and  can determine the lines and direction of a space to make it all flow harmoniously.   Interior designers use their trained  eye to know just where to place a sofa and chair in relation to an end tables , lamps and other furnishings in a room.  They are great at determining where furnishing and accessories should be located in a room to reduce clutter and increase harmony.
Fee structure
The fee structure varies with designers and with the size of the project .  The cost could be based on a flat fee, hourly rate or the cost could be based on a percentage of  of all goods and furnishings purchased for the job.  Each homeowner and interior designer has to come to an agreement for the best cost structure  for the design project.  Hiring a designer can be rather costly, but the return on investment and peace of mind of having a well decorated home can be very rewarding. 
It is wise to ask the designer for referrals.  Most designers will be elated  to show off their completed projects.  Working with a designer can be a  great experience and you will end with a beautifully decorated home.
All the best in decorating!
Vee Willis
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